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Do you need any kind of antifriction bearings and other related parts?
Mechanical, electrical and electronic components or products?
We can consult you comprehensively, due to our many years of experience.

We are your European source for:

Of course we deliver at most favourable costs. We therefore collect, if possible, different merchandise so as to send them in one complete shipment. If you need the commodities urgent, then you can request high priority handling and we can supply the goods to you as speedy as possible by our most experienced logistic partner (WE.KU Logistik).

We offer you rich experience out of more than 25 years doing business in the commercial field. Our know-how covers product tracking, calculating the most favourable logistics and perfect handling of all necessary customs and trading documents. Short response time, absolute reliability and quickest delivery time is a matter of course for us. You may always trustfully rely on us to fulfill your wishes and needs.